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01 March 2009 @ 03:48 pm
Character Descriptions and Profiles  
Yes, I know I know everyone that's going to be in srsplot pretty well, but having descriptions will really help me. D: Especially with the clothes and stuff.

Here's the form; comment here with the completed form, if you please. <3~

Name: (does this really need to be here)
Age: (I'm not sure if this needs to be here either)
Job: (we've pretty much got them worked out, but still)
Appearance: (including street clothes)
Personality: (yes, I know you, do it anyway D:<)
Weapon: (try to make it fit with your job, I'll have to choose it if it doesn't)

That's about it, I think. :3
srsfeelings: chipperchipper
srstunes: Len Kagamine - World is Mine
haylesxx_hail on March 1st, 2009 10:15 pm (UTC)
homg heck yes

Name: Hail (like you didn't know)
Age: lolol 13 and 14 year old teenagers and Shninja are going on an epic quest to Save The World
Job: Warrior
Appearance: Tall (5' 7", but since warriors are generally known as really big people you can make me taller if you want :'D), with shoulder-length brown hair cut in jagged layers (almost looking spiky). Pale skin and a smattering of freckles across cheekbones and nosebridge. Thickset build (broad shoulders, barrel-chested, etc.), but quite thin and wiry. Green-gray-blue eyes and a stare that pretty much screams "if looks could kill". Clothes-wise, I usually like wearing brand-name sweatpants/jeans, shirts and hoodies with assorted accessories... usually my style looks like something right out of a magazine. *shot*
Personality: Generally in a very good mood. Cheerful, friendly, always smiling. Can get quite sarcastic and narcissistic when things aren't going well. Doesn't seem to notice pain and injuries until they're pointed out for her (this is true and has been proved many times over). Likes rushing into things without a thought when in a confident mood. Can get VERY flustered when caught off guard with an embarrassing comment (have fun with this, Fallen). Extremely clumsy and somewhat daft, but shows true, deep intelligence when it comes to solving puzzles or musing over the mysteries of life. Contrary to physical strength, likes to lean on others for support when stress sets in.
Skills: Good fighting skills, NO cooking skills AT ALL, NO cleaning or organizational skills, good swimming/climbing/other athletic skills, good at perceiving how another person is feeling or what they're thinking.
Weapon: Think of Cloud's Buster Sword. 8D
Other: If we weren't one, I'd marry you for doing this. ;_; ily7<3333333333
tell your world.: VocaloidRinLenGeminipierrott on March 1st, 2009 11:46 pm (UTC)
Re: homg heck yes
why did this make me lolol so much D:

The actual stats and such will be up once I have everyone's descriptions. xD

lolol factor > 9000
Or if you prefer, lolol factor = 42