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01 March 2009 @ 03:48 pm
Character Descriptions and Profiles  
Yes, I know I know everyone that's going to be in srsplot pretty well, but having descriptions will really help me. D: Especially with the clothes and stuff.

Here's the form; comment here with the completed form, if you please. <3~

Name: (does this really need to be here)
Age: (I'm not sure if this needs to be here either)
Job: (we've pretty much got them worked out, but still)
Appearance: (including street clothes)
Personality: (yes, I know you, do it anyway D:<)
Weapon: (try to make it fit with your job, I'll have to choose it if it doesn't)

That's about it, I think. :3
srsfeelings: chipperchipper
srstunes: Len Kagamine - World is Mine
tell your world.pierrott on March 3rd, 2009 04:33 am (UTC)
Thorn's form 8D
Posting this here for simplicity, so shoot me D:<

Name: Aura Thornheart
Age: 14
Job: Wavemaster Mage
Appearance: Brown hair, pale skin, blue eyes, amazing purple glasses that fall off a lot, TSUKASAISH OUTFIT 8D
Personality: Um I dunno serious sometimes hyper others? Pretty mean and snappy around people she thinks is being mean to her.
Skills: Spells, mostly lightning.
Weapon: TSUKASA STAFF *shot* with purple gem instead of red 8D
Other: Static electricity magnet. Tsukasa fangirl.